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Income Tax



Our tax services include

  • Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • Consultancy on Income Tax Matters
  • Consultancy on Tax Planning & Savings
  • Maintenance of Income Tax Records
  • Getting Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Income tax Consultancy

  • How can I file my paper IT return?
  • What is Tax Planning?
  • When should I plan my taxes?
  • Can husband and wife both claim tuition fee deduction?
  • Is higher education deduction allowed for overseas studies?
  • How do I get the refund cheque if my address has changed?
  • How to save capital gains from sale of house?
  • What are the Advantage & disadvantages of a PPF account?
  • What are Municipal Taxes?
  • How should I apply for PAN?
  • Can 80DDB deduction be claimed for the spouse who file their own tax return?
  • What is the treatment of the house if I have multiple house properties?
  • What is Short & Long term capital gain in share / mutual fund / property
  • Capital gain deposit account scheme...