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Mutual Fund



Snapshot of Mutual Fund Schemes :

Mutual Fund Type Objective Risk Investment Portfolio Who should invest Investment horizon
Money Market Liquidity + Moderate Income + Reservation of Capital Negligible Treasury Bills, Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Call Money Those who park their funds in current accounts or short-term bank deposits 2 days - 3 weeks
Short-term Funds (Floating - short-term) Liquidity + Moderate Income Little Interest Rate Call Money, Commercial Papers, Treasury Bills, CDs, Short-term Government securities. Those with surplus 
short-term funds
3 weeks -
3 monthsq
Bond Funds
(Floating - Long-term)
Regular Income Credit Risk & Interest Rate Risk Predominantly Debentures, Government securities, Corporate Bonds Salaried & conservative investors More than 9 - 12 months
Gilt Fundsq Security & Income Interest Rate Risk Government securities Salaried & conservative investors 12 months & more
Equity Funds Long-term Capital Appreciation High Risk Stocks Aggressive investors with long term out look. 3 years plus
Index Funds To generate returns that are commensurate with returns of respective indices NAV varies with index performance Portfolio indices like BSE, NIFTY etc Aggressive investors. 3 years plus