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What is a Gold Fund?

The Mutual Fund scheme investing into Gold with very many benefits like-

  • Purity : Good control on quality of gold.
  • Safe Custody : No locker charges, No Risk of theft.
  • SIP Facility : Availability in smaller denomination.
  • Easy Liquidity
  • Cost Effective: No Wealth Tax.
  • No De-Mat requirement.

Why gold as an asset?

  • Positive Return in last decade: Gold as an investment asset has given positive returns for each year during the last decade outpacing most of asset classes. Gold has provided compounded annual return in excess of 16% cent and it has appreciated by 422% in absolute terms during the decade.
  • India is the world's largest gold consumer: Indian consumers regard gold jewellery as an investment and are well aware of gold's benefits as a store of value. Gold is also recognized as a form of money in India, a tradable liquid asset.
  • Demand versus Supply: With increase in demand and relatively limited supply, the value of gold is expected to appreciate.
  • Instability in currency market: The recent instability in the currency market is also a factor for gold's bull run.